Got Mill?
Herein lies the Chronicle of the Times and Tides of
Dean McCully
(sometimes known as "Dean Quixote" McCully)
Tilter of Windmills,
Aficionado of Anarchists,
Antagonist of Antipathists,
Apologist for Ebullience,
Blaster of Burblers,
Catalyzer of Crusades,
Cooker of Cuisine,
Gaggler of Ganeshes,
Joyer of Jude,
Lover of Lily-Livers,
Paddler of Kayaks
Propounder of Pusillanimousity,
Reveler of Revolutionaries,
Riler of Rank and File,
Schlepper of Sheep,
Tweaker of Tyrants,
Waxer of Wind!

Oh, and did I mention:
"Tilter of Windmills"

Dean at his best.

(Yes, my mama IS very proud, thanx for asking!)

Dean's trusty Steed Bantha
Bantha and Fleet
Bantha usually gets stuck carrying "Da Fleet"!

But sometimes, Bantha carries "Frankie"
Bantha and Frankie

Other Windmills that Dean tilts

Online registration and event management system for events of all sizes.
Alviso (San Jose) California Sea Scout Ship #300 at the South Bay Yacht Club

Take Flight for Kids
The Internationally famous STEAM+A Festival (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math + Aviation)

Day In The Sky
Shared Adventures long-standing aviation and STEM event

Shared Adventures Day On The Beach
St. Patrick's Day Parade and Block Party - Belfast Avenue, Grand Rapids Michigan
The Mother of all St Pat's Day Block Parties in Grand Rapids

San Jose Bag Monster
Woo Hoo, Lisa Bickford IS the San Jose Bag Monster!

Therapeutic Golf Clinic

The Fabulous Alviso Kayak Ramp Opening

Dinner at the Dump

People Paddle
A kayaking fundraiser for many causes

People Paddle for AIDS
San Francisco

People Paddle for the Planet
Foster City

  Dean's Breast Cancer Link

Environmental Travelling Companion's Paddle-A-Thon

Kayak Hotel

Wildlife Stewards

But wait, there's more windmills to be tilted...  Yeah, yeah, some of the links might be broken. I'll get around to fixin the links some day... Kayaking Smorgasbord

Kayaking Picture Buffet

Your Day Away

Oak Grove High School Eaglebots Botball Team

The ROLM Alumni Project
3900+ Screaming Alumni of the old ROLM Corporation.
And, another for ROLMans:
(Used to be at but Moved to the Facebook account now...)

A fundraiser for the Millbrae Rotary Club
A Taste Of California

The world famous Breast Cancer e-Quilt

Nine Zero Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Conference

Walk to Talk for Aphasia Center of California

If you're real nice to Dean,
email him
and he might send you the password to see
some of his top secret
Special Projects

Ganesh  Ganesh meet Jude St Jude,
            Patron Saint of Lost Causes

Who will win this eternal
Battle of the Titans?

Or perhaps the winner of that battle will be the insignificant Patent Office clerk....

Albert Einstein

  "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

So, Got Mill?
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Tilting Sea Serpants
He's naive enuf to tilt at darned near ANYTHING!
Even Sea Serpents!

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