who has

One in Eight women will be
diagnosed in their lifetime!
Breast cancer typically
grows for 8 to 10 YEARS
before it's detected.
Your best friend, your mother,
your aunt, maybe even YOU
are living with breast cancer

And, chances are,
they/you may not even know it...

Ok, I'm NOT a Doctor!
I don't even play one on TV !

In fact, I usually fell asleep in high school biology class because I couldn't stand it!  All of this talk of mitosis and protoplasm and such.  Too much uncertainty and too much gore for me! So I became an engineer and deal in "hard", "clean" facts.... No gooshy slimy stuff for me!

But, boy, do I wish I had paid attention in biology class so I could communicate easier with my first wife's doctors when, at the way-too-young age of 35, she was diagnosed with breast cancer....

Then, 2 years later when my MOTHER was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Not to mention my GRANDMOTHER, a 20 year breast cancer survivor.

Anyway, I've managed to collect a bunch of (useful?) (and, by no means comprehensive set of) cancer links. I can't vouch for any info in these files so use at your own risk!  Some of the links need to be reclassifed. And links are shown in no particular order. I'll get around to making everything look "pretty", I promise!

But, hopefully, you find the info on these pages useful !

Please let me know if you have more links!

Search Engines

Use just about any major search engine you want, enter the clinical name of your cancer, and guaranteed you'll get at least 100,000 hits. If you don't get at least that many hits, use a different search engine!
  • HotBot results: breast cancer (1+)
  • Women's Health Directory and Search Engine
  • PubMed medline query
  • PubMed medline query
  • Infoseek: The Health Channel
  • Mediconsult.com Search
  • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • Cancer Group Institute
  • PubMed medline query
  • Getting started on your research journey

    Where to start? When my wife was first diagnosed, I must have felt like a new immigrant to a strange new country. I didn't speak a word of the language (of the doctors) and I had no idea what the local customs were.

    I eventually learned the hard way and thrashed my way thru the confusing and overwhelming mess of information out there.

    Here are some starting pages to bring you up to speed and at least show you my feeble attempt at creating a map of the ever-changing maze of information.

  • Breast Cancer Fundraising Events Very cool list of lots of fundraisers.
  • Medscape Sign up for emailed notifications of the latest, breaking, cancer research
  • WebMD/Lycos excellent resource guide
  • WebMD/Lycos 10 questions to ask your doctor
  • Susan G Komen Organization An excellent place to start!
  • Breast Cancer Lighthouse
  • CancerHelp UK: Breast Cancer Menu
  • Breast Cancer Guide - Understanding Breast Cancer
  • General Information About Breast Cancer
  • Y-Me National Cancer Organization a great place to start looking for support.
  • Breast Cancer
  • Ductal Carcinoma in situ Of The Breast: A Guide For Patients - The Breast With Carcinoma in situ
  • In Sutu vs. Invasive Breast Cancer
  • Breast Cancer Answers - Resources
  • Cancer Profiler
  • Breast Cancer Info Center from CancerFacts.com
  • Patient Resource Center - Cancer Sites
  • SciWeb - Breast Cancer Main Reference Page
  • BreastCancerInfo.com
  • Breast Cancer - HealthWorld Online
  • Breast Cancer Answers Project
  • Breast Cancer Answers Art Gallery
  • Breast cancer
  • Breast Cancer -- Contents
  • Breast Cancer Answers - Resources
  • Contents: Breast Cancer
  • Contents: Breast Cancer
  • The Breast Cancer Companion
  • Breast cancer - New perspectives can replace unrealistic fears
  • Some concluding notes...
  • Cancer Information Network
  • Healing Journeys (Free Cancer Awareness Conferences)
  • Breast Cancer Fund
  • The Wellness Community Dedicated to dealing with the stress of living with a cancer diagnosis.
  • Personal Stories

    EVERYBODY has a story of someone they know who has breast cancer.  Here are a few of the stories I've collected....
  • Take Charge! A guide for taking charge of your health.
  • Cancer Survivor Stories
  • Survivor Stories
  • Cancer Destroys, Cancer Builds
  • Home Page for Andy and Nancy Delaney
  • My experience with breast cancer (illustrated)
  • Breast Cancer Survivor Network
  • Wired for Health - Survivor Support - Self Expression
  • Stories
  • Our Gift of Love
  • Special Events

  • Breast Cancer Fundraising Events Very cool list of lots of fundraisers.
  • Susan G Komen Organization An excellent place to start!
  • Avon's Crusade against Breast Cancer Website A great starting point for info
  • Webring Links to other Cancer Pages

    This is one of the coolest thing in the world! More than a dozen "webrings" exist to link webpages exploring various aspects of breast cancer.
  • WebRing home page. A great place to start surfing. Search for "Breast Cancer" and more than a dozen "WebRings" show up. Each of the "WebRings" is a linked collection of up to a couple hundred webpages!
  • Stuff to Buy / Donations to make

  • Breast cancer pins that look pretty cool (at least on his website). I know nothing about this guy but his pins are cool!
  • "HERS (Hope Empowerment Renewal Support) Foundation"
  • Flag Brooches not exactly breast-cancer related but pretty cool nonetheless.

  • Self Exam Info

  • CancerHelp UK: About Breast Cancer: Early Detection
  • 98479. Breast Self-exams: Why, When, How
  • VILLAGE LIFE NEWS: 'Friends for Life' Help Remember Breast Exams
  • Breast changes
  • News and Medical Journalsf

    So many journals exist that I can't list them all here. But this is a start.
  • Cancer News
  • Journals of the AMA
  • Springer-Verlag Medical Journal Page
  • cancer . -Cancer News on the Net- . cancer
  • Breast Cancer In the News
  • JCO News Releases
  • Community Breast Health Project (CBHP)

  • Community Breast Health Project (CBHP) An EXCELLENT support organization in Palo Alto, California.
  • Other Community Projects

    This list would fill a phonebook if I included all the links I found. Someday I'll take the trouble to save pointers to all of the MANY MANY MANY community support groups that I've found.
  • The Women's Cancer Resource Center
  • Bay Area Breast Cancer Network: Education, Support, Advocacy.
  • Genetics / Heredity

    What role does heredity play in breast cancer? They say that only about 10% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have family history of breast cancer. But there's definately some genetic link. 10 years from now, we'll understand the link (I hope) and may understand how to intervene and prevent cancer (I REALLY hope). Read on....
  • USDSM Birth Defects Genetics Center Home Page
  • FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered
  • Clinical Trials

  • Breast Cancer Action
  • International News

  • CancerHelp UK: Breast Cancer Menu
  • CancerHelp UK: Breast Cancer Organisations
  • NSW Breast Cancer Institute Home Page
  • Yahoo! Regional:Countries:Australia:Health:Diseases and Conditions:Breast Cancer
  • Insurance

    Dealing with the insurance people is daunting at best. A NIGHTMARE at worst. Even with excellent insurance, the paperwork is overwhelming.
  • HomeArts: Breast Cancer -- Are You Covered?
  • Screening Prevention

    Many women aren't screened. A few just don't bother. The vast majority don't have adequate health insurance.
  • Breast Cancer Screening
  • Breast Cancer Screening
  • Augusta Georgia: features@ugusta: Government seeks safe breast-cancer prevention 10/22/98
  • CancerHelp UK: Diet and Preventing Breast Cancer
  • Women's Sites

  • womenCONNECT.com: women's news on business, career, money, politics & health
  • Online medical info

    Ain't the Internet great? Lots of medical info is now online.
  • Doctor Koop's website
  • Oncology.com website
  • Healtheon/WebMD
  • Medicalogic
  • Medscape
  • BreastCancerInfo.com
  • Oncoloty.com
  • Cancerpage.com
  • Cancersource.com
  • Cancerfacts.com
  • WebMD/Lycos 10 questions to ask your doctor
  • Books

    The first thing I did after MJ's diagnosis was run to the bookstore and bought every book with the word "breast" and "cancer" in the title. I walked out with about 4 dozen books (really!) Someday, I have to go thru our bookshelf and capture the name / author of every book we own. But here's a start...  (Warning:  Amazon.com alone lists over 898 books on breast cancer!  YIKES!)
  • Amazon Search for "breast cancer".  Over 898 books!
  • The Bookstore - Coping With Cancer
  • Books of Interest
  • Our Gift of Love
  • Women share stories of coping, survival during Breast Cancer Awareness Month - 10/22/97
  • All Cancer books at Amazon.com
  • The Complete Book of Breast Care
  • Chemotherapy

    Unless you have a good "medical oncologist" with a great bedside manner, you'll be completely baffled by the plethora of options available. Each option has pros and cons. There's no one-size-fits-all treatment (yet).
  • Medscape Oncology Home Page
  • Journal of Clinical Oncology
  • OncoLink: Breast Cancer - Treatment Options
  • OncoLink Cancer News
  • OncoLink: Breast Cancer - Treatment Options
  • Selective Toxicity
  • Amazon.com: A Glance: The Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy Survival Guide
  • Cancer Sites: Chemotherapy
  • List of Chemotherapy Drugs A great place to consult for side effects.
  • OncoLink Automated E-mail Discussion Group Subscriber: A - F
  • Listing of Drug Therapies Approved in 1996
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • Chemosensitivity Testing
  • CancerHelp UK: Chemotherapy
  • Understanding Taxol: Information on Taxol, uses and side effects.
  • The Cytoskeleton
  • Cancer Sites: Breast Cancer
  • OncoLink: A University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center Resource
  • OncoLink Automated E-mail Discussion Group Subscriber: A - F
  • NCI/PDQ Citation: Reduced morbidity from skeletal metastases in breast cancer patients during long-term bisphosphonate (APD) treatment
  • FAQs 3 - After Breast Cancer & Metastasis
  • Bisphosphonate Update
  • 1997 ABSTRACT #530 -- "Long-term reduction of skeletal complications in breast cancer patients (pts) with osteolytic bone metastases receiving chemotherapy, by monthly 90 mg pamidronate
  • UCSF Cancer Center - index page
  • ASCO Abstract Search American Society of Clinical Oncologists is a GREAT source of cutting-edge information.
  • Excite for Web Servers Search Results
  • Site Map
  • Medscape
  • Medscape - Women's Health
  • breast_cancer_decision_guide
  • Breast Cancer Action
  • NYSERNet BCIC: Other Sources of Medical Information and Support
  • Welcome to Fightingcancer.com!
  • The Cancer Survival ToolboxTM
  • List of Chemo Drugs
  • Cancer Sites: Chemotherapy
  • ThirdAge - News - APRIL 9, 1998 - New Breast Cancer Drug Demands Tough Trade-Offs
  • Surgery

  • Breast cancer - New perspectives can replace unrealistic fears: Lumpectomy vs. mastectomy
  • Fertility

    A rarely-addressed topic until recently. Many more studies need to be done to assess the effects of chemo on fertility.
  • Breast cancer in Young Women and Fertility
  • Pregnancy in Breast Cancer Patients
  • Breast cancer and pregnancy
  • Is It Safe for Women Who Have Had Breast Cancer to Become Pregnant?
  • Concept Fertility Centre Homepage
  • Infertility News
  • Breast cancer and pregnancy
  • MD Digests
  • Effects of Chemotherapy on Fertility
  • What are the side effects of Lupron? Lupron has been used in conjunction with some chemotherapy regimines to, in theory, preserve fertility.
  • OB-GYN-L Messages for November, 1996: Re: Pregnancy after breast cancer
  • Health: Pregnancy Safe After Breast Cancer
  • NCI/PDQ Physician Statement: Breast cancer and pregnancy - Updated 07/97
  • Breast cancer during pregnancy: quantifying the risk of treatment delay.
  • Perceived Concerns of Pregnant Women With Breast Cancer Treated With Chemotherapy
  • Review Finds Research Lacking on Safety of Pregancy After Breast-Cancer Treatment
  • Grand Rounds: Hormones and Breast Cancer
  • Breast Care -- Menopause
  • Watch out for QUACKS & Snake Oil Salesmen!

    Beware the fast-buck scam-artists who play off of cancer patients' desperation! Beware even more the sincere folk who really want to help but are selling little more than snake oil.
  • QuackWatch Home Page A comprehensive listing of the MANY quacks in the world. (Ok, again, I'm not a doctor! Some of the techniques this guy attacks might actually be good for you? Maybe, maybe not. Interesting reading but you'll have to decide for yourself, of course.)
  • Technical Stuff

  • Allexperts.com: Ask a question!
  • Breast cancer
  • Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma
  • CanceRX WVU Radiation Oncology other WEB SITES
  • The Health Network
  • cancerTrials: A service of the National Cancer Institute
  • Support Groups and Such

    Unless you have a local organization to answer questions, you'll probably be scared to death and completely befuddled about which way to turn. Check some of these links for support.
  • Yellow Stream - A Cancer Diary
  • Breast Cancer Survivor's Club - index
  • Sexual Effects: Physical and Psychological
  • OncoLink: Information for Caregivers
  • Breast Cancer Stories - Index Page
  • Breast Cancer at 27!
  • Breast Cancer -- Contents
  • Breast Cancer ACTION Nova Scotia
  • Major Organizations

  • These organizations are listed in no particular order.
  • National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO)
  • Join The Fight against Breast Cancer
  • The Breast Health Institute
  • Komen.Org A great start for info gathering!
  • ww.patientcenters.com -- Welcome to Patient-Centered Guides Breast Cancer Center
  • cancerTrials: A service of the National Cancer Institute
  • National Cancer Institute Homepage
  • Mayo Clinic Health Oasis
  • American Cancer Society
  • The National Center for Biotechnology Information
  • NHMRC National Breast Cancer Centre
  • The National Center for Biotechnology Information
  • Breast Cancer in Men

    Yes, it DOES happen. About 1300 men are diagnosed each year (according to ACS)! Did you know that Richard Roundtree (the actor who played Shaft) is a breast cancer survivor!
  • The Breast Cancer Fund discusses Male Breast Cancer (This one is a must read!)
  • Male Breast Cancer, Information Center
  • University of Iowa article on Male Breast Cancer.
  • Go Ask Alice info on Male/Female breast cancer differences
  • The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is planning a national registry for male breast cancer survivors:www.mskcc.org.
  • The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has lots of info available on male breast cancer:
  • Male Breast Cancer Index
  • Male Breast Cancer Overview
  • Male Breast Cancer Treatment
  • Male Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  • Ashkenazi Jews Have Gene Defect that Raises Inherited Breast Cancer RiskOverview
  • Interpreting pathology reports

    I'll add a bunch of links soon. I promise!

    Action and Advocacy Groups

  • National Breast Cancer Coalition
  • CABCO: California Breast Cancer Organizations
  • California Women's Law Center
  • Older Women's League
  • Medical Board of California
  • Smart Voter
  • War on Cancer Organization An "activist" group with an extremely good message!
  • Sign the War on Cancer petition
  • Quality of Life Issues

  • NCI's Breast Cancer - Quality of Life and Managing Your Health


    That's all for now. Do you have any other links???? Are any of my links "broken"???? Please let me know!

    Send me more links. If you have anything that I missed, please send links! Any help you could provide would be appreciated....


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